The word kizomba means “party” in Kimbundu. This dance is the evolution of semba (considered the traditional dance of the country). When dancing kizomba, partners have to be physically quite close to each other and the pace of the steps is usually slower, as well as more sensual, than in Semba. It’s actually not very different from semba in terms of basic steps, but – instead of creativity – it is based on the sensuality of the dancers.

Creation and improvisation are also allowed in kizomba, as well as they are not exaggerated, because this dance is more “in” than “out”, and the most important thing here is to show the sensuality of the partners.

Kizomba evolved even further with the influence of Zouk (music and dance from the Antilles) and the appearance of the dance called Tarraxinha.

Tips for dancing kizomba:

Never exaggerate with the saidas (=“exits”) and acrobatic stunts. Remember that kizomba requires more work “inside the couple” than “outside”. If you want to use many exits and acrobatics, dance semba!

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