Turma do Basico

The Turma do Básico is a dance school in Benguela (Angola) that was born in 2007. It’s one of the oldest and biggest dance schools in Benguela, as its classes often have up to 40/50 participants and the school gets over 100 new subscriptions per year.

Classes are held at the Cine Kalunga (a place of historical importance in Benguela) 4 days a week and are divided by levels, with at least one teacher always available to help new students. The music plays from the beginning of the lesson to the end, and students are encouraged to leave classes – from time to time – to dance freely and practice the steps at the centre of the space.

The motto of the Turma do Básico is: chumbo no Básico derrete (which literally means “Lead, in the Básico, melts”). This motto is repeated by all participants every day and represents the teachers’ commitment to helping anyone (including those with zero dance experience) “melt” and move their own bodies.

Watch this video to learn more about them:

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