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Ego do Tchan

He is a young singer and musician in the style of kuduro and with a very sharp talent. And it is noteworthy that he is one of the oldest singers and one of the best known in Benguela. In his music, he expresses the reality of what is lived in society.


These two are a Semba and Kizomba dance couple. They teach at the Turma do Básico dance school (Angola-Benguela), where Crisó is, at the same time, the director of the school. In addition to teaching at this school, they have also held classes, workshops and shows outside Angola. It is also important to say that Ana is part of the dance champion couple Semba and Kizomba 2019. She has been to New York for workshops. To speak of Ana and Crisó, is to speak of two great people, highly professional, in the teaching of dance Semba and Kizomba. In fact, Criso and Ana give classes on the youtube channel of join angola.


Edy Muchila is his stage name, he is from Benguela-Angola. He is one of the DJs who moves people at parties. He plays and mixes almost every style of music: Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro, Afro-house, Hip Pop, Rep, etc. The people who go to the parties he plays, speak highly of him. He has an incredible talent as a DJ. For now, he is known only in Benguela, but with the talent he has, we believe he can reach the level of the great djs in Angola.


He is a young singer and musician in the style of kuduro. He is characterized by its aggressive way of performing on stage. He is one of the strongest kuduristas from Benguela-Angola, and has a 10-year career in the music world. He participates in one of the songs that was very successful in Benguela. Therefore, the young artist’s goal is to continue to fight, ardently, so that his work extends in all Angola, if not the whole world.


Elton Mickey is his stage name, he started his career as a DJ in 2014 at the cantinho dos DJs school in Benguela Angola. Since 2014 has been working hard to gain more experience in the DJ area. He has played his DJ sets in 6 provinces of Angola and his talent has become popular with the public for his way of playing and making people enjoy the music in any type of event. He is a versatile DJ whose dream is to internationalize his work as a DJ.


It is a group that gets everyone’s attention. They are singers and, at the same time, dancers in the style of Afro-house. It is surprising how they connect dance and music, that is, they have the tremendous ability to portray the content of the song, which they sing, in body movements created by themselves. For this reason, in almost all the stages they perform, they always leave a mark and warmly receive the applause of the public. They are, in fact, sensational and moving.


This is a hip-pop dance group, made up of young people who are very passionate about this dance style. They are people who struggle and work hard towards their goals in relation to dance. As a result, they were considered fit to participate in the qualifying gala of Bai Dança Com Ritmo (one of the best dance competitions in Angola). And yet, they dream of reaching the highest level of professionalism and performing on major international stages.