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Sightseeing in Benguela

The façade of a church with two bell towers on the sides.

Nossa Senhora do Pópulo Church is one of the most characteristic monuments of the city of Benguela and is classified as a National Historic Monument. This beautiful Baroque building is considered the first stone and lime building in the city, and it is the only one of its kind in all of Southern Africa. Read more



The city of Benguela was the venue for CANAF – the African Amputee Football Championship, October 4-11, 2019. Six nations running for the title… read more

Photo of the month

Armindo’s take on popular Angolan songs

The song “Bakongo” by Yanick Afroman, with the participation of other artists as well as the comedian Gilmário Vemba, took first position of the previous edition of “Top dos Mais Querido” (dearest), in other words, it was considered as the most listen to and loved song by the public from Angola in 2019

Read more here!

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