Food is another important componente of Angolan culture, so we will share a new Angolan recipe every month in this section. We are aware that it’s not always possible to find the exact same ingredients all over the world, so for those ingredients that may be a little more difficult to find we’ll try to put some possible alternatives. We hope you try these recipes at home and we’d love to hear/see the results: you can use the #joinangola hashtag when posting pictures of your Angolan dishes!



The beach is on the left. A woman is walking away from the camera while carrying a big carton of eggs on her head.
A woman selling eggs with jindungo in Praia Morena, Benguela.

Impossible to walk the streets of Angolan cities without meeting the women who carry the boiled eggs carton on the head. It is probably the most consumed street food by Angolan people. During the weekends, on the beach, dozens of women selling the spicy drug appear. From the first time I tasted it, I never stopped buying it from them – until I learned how to make jindungo sauce at home!

Great snack for party time!


Preparation time: 15 minutes

Type of dish: vegetarian – snack

Wash and finely chop the jindungo (chillies) and the shallots. Put the jindungo in a pot with salty water and boil for about 10 minutes. Take a jar, or another container, and place the boiled jindungo here, together with a part of the cooking water, the finely chopped shallots and cover everything with oil. Your deadly sauce is ready to be used with boiled eggs or with other foods!


A few eggs in an open carton next to an open jar with red sauce.
Eggs with jindungo

Written by: Maria Vittoria Moretti

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