Food is another important componente of Angolan culture, so we will share a new Angolan recipe every month in this section. We are aware that it’s not always possible to find the exact same ingredients all over the world, so for those ingredients that may be a little more difficult to find we’ll try to put some possible alternatives. We hope you try these recipes at home and we’d love to hear/see the results: you can use the #joinangola hashtag when posting pictures of your Angolan dishes!

How to prepare a feijoada

Cabbage / Coves
Carrot / onion
Varieties of meat and chorizo.


How to cook it

Wether you bake the beans in a pressure cooker or cook them in a normal pan depends on you, but in the pressure cooker it cooks in less time.


You season the meat and cook it in another pan, whether pressure or normal, it depends on you again. Some people season the 

meat with salt and garlic and there are those who only use salt, usually here we use more pork and some beef.

When both are ready, make the sauté with tomato, onion and minced garlic. The amount of tomato used will depend on the amount of food you intend to make.

After the sauté is done, put the beans with a little bit of water, put the meat you can also use a little bit of water to give it more flavour. Then after cutting the coves, cabbage and carrots and the chorizo, you put everything in the pan and from there you just have to wait and cook the feijoada.

Make sure the vegetables are well washed before being placed in the pot.