Tarraxinha is a dance that requires very few steps, because it is actually more about the “paradas” (=“stops”) and it is even more sensual than Kizomba. At its basis, there is the “ginga” (the sensual movement of bodies that is necessary, in different amounts, to dance well all 3 dances – semba, kizomba and tarraxinha) and body rolls.

Tarraxinha is very criticized by the kotas (“kotas in Angola defines older people – anybody who’s not “youth”) in Angola, because it is a very liberal dance with its ginga and, in fact, it’s a dance that is almost completely centred in the physical proximity of the partners. The saidas (=“exits”) and the entradas (=“entrances”) are very rare, and they are only used to give some colour to the dance.

Tarraxinha was created in the province of Benguela, by DJ Chico Max, a fact that has been forgotten over time. Today, it is very associated with kizomba, and is often used in the stops when dancing kizomba.

Tips for dancing tarraxinha:

It’s important to remember that this dance is extremely sensual and not everybody may feel comfortable in dancing it. Some people might want to dance it only with their partners/friends and not with strangers. So, before you start dancing it, confirm with the person with whom you are dancing that he/she feels comfortable with it… If not, just turn to kizomba!